Arnold corns a.k.a. david bowie and spiders from mars, the - man in the middle - David Bowie and the Occult The Laughing Gnostic Magick.

Bachelor of Arts in American Studies and Geography/Baglor yn y Celfyddydau mewn Astudiaethau Americanaidd a Daearyddiaeth

named for the conspicuous birthmarks of both frontman Billy Corgan and drummer Ron Roesing.

Cedric Bixler-Zavala stated in an interview ...“ The Volta is taken from a Federico Fellini book about his films, what he characterizes as a changing of scene, or a turnaround; a new scene to him is called Volta. Y'know, changing of time and the changeover. And Mars, we're just fascinated by science fiction.....”

Named after Canadian teen pop idol Bobby Curtola's manager, Maria Martell.

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